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Election roundup: Mayoral candidates tackle Mass and Cass

The State House News Service reports the candidates aired Methadone Mile plans at a forum sponsored by the Suffolk County Sheriff's Department, which has one of its facilities in that area.

John Barros posted his plan online.

WHDH reports on a forum on Monday in which the candidates addressed environmental issues, including free T fares on at least some bus routes.

Michelle Wu says ya gotta have arts, or words to that effect.

WGBH considers the rehabilitation of Dianne Wilkerson, who, you may recall, spent some time in federal prison for stuffing bribe money in her bra, but who is now back in the thick of Boston politics.

How many city-council candidates have a dance they do on Tik Tok? At least one: Kelly Ransom, running for city council in District 6 (JP, West Roxbury).



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