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King tide floats his boat on Long Wharf

Guy in kayak on Long Wharf

Adam Castiglioni went down to Long Wharf to see the king tide and spotted this guy who kayaked onto the wharf (plus bonus sea-horse float).

Here he is coming in:

The tide also breached the sea wall along Fort Point Channel:

Back on Long Wharf, seawater burst across the wharf well back of the end, down by the Chart House and the Marriott:


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Needs to be renamed to short wharf.

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Adam - was the last tweet supposed to be different from the one before it?

And yikes! about the tides.

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Tweet fixed.

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Looks like that fort point area has bought itself a few years of time with the latest modifications.

As for the kayaker, he probably was trying to go to the yak-thru restaurant and BRA, I mean bar.

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