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Election roundup: Out-of-towners take a financial stake in Boston mayoral race, which includes at least two candidates you might not know

WGBH reports some 57% of the money raised by our fair Hub's candidates for mayor come from outside the city limits - although much of that is from people who at least live in places where they could take the T or easily spot an "Entering Boston" sign on their morning commute.

John Barros, dead last in overall fundraising, promptly issued a press release that he has "the most donors who actually LIVE in Boston."

Well, make that dead last among the Big Six candidates. The city election department reports we have a couple of other candidates you may not have heard of yet: Robert Cappucci of East Boston and Richard Spagnuolo of the North End. The state Office of Campaign and Political Finance reports William Morgan of Mattapan registered a mayoral campaign with them (although he'll still need to get a whole mess of certified signatures into the election department by Tuesday).

OK, grizzled Boston political veterans might have heard of Cappucci, who, like his across-the-harbor counterparts Althea Garrison and Roy Owens, has been running for office for decades. And just like Garrison and Owens, he has actually held office: In 1987, he got elected to the School Committee - just in time to watch it get replaced with an appointed committee. He ran for mayor in 2017 on a pro-life, all-lives-matter, no-sanctuary-city platform.

Oh, and speaking of noted homophobe Roy Owens, turns out he is not running for mayor. Instead, the election department reports, he filed enough signatures to get on the ballot as an at-large council candidate, where he'll be battling with old frenemy Althea Garrison for a fifth-place finish. But, wait, people who just can't get enough of his rants about public-schools teaching kindergarteners about anal sex will also get to watch him lose in District 7, where he also filed enough signatures to run for the seat Kim Janey is giving up in the hopes of sticking around the mayor's office past Jan. 1.

Janey opposes the death penalty including for the convicted Marathon murderer.

Kelly Bates, an at-large council candidate from Hyde Park, issued a statement related to her involvement in that "re-evaluation counseling" system that was used to make BPS student leaders scream and cry and stuff.

CORRECTION: Last time around, we noted that both Jay Gonzalez and Tim Murray had endorsed at-large candidate Alex Gray and said neither lived in Boston. That's still true for Murray, but Gonzalez now lives in Jamaica Plain.


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City Council candidates too, certain candidates have more than 15% of their donations from places you can't even reach without hours long flights

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Names please.

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This will just be a random sampling of the more egregious offenders...


Julia Mejia, $302,942.98 total raised, $34,419.38 out-of-state

David Halbert, $214,472.30 total raised, $28,957.31 out-of-state

Kelly Bates, $123,925.60 total raised, $19,255.60 out-of-state

District 3:

Stephen McBride, $17,625.05 total raised, $5,090.84 out-of-state

District 4:

Joel Richards, $25,297.18 total raised, $9,883.32 out-of-state

District 6:

Kendra Hicks, $109,459.49 total raised, $17,314.81 out-of-state

Source: OCPF and a calculator

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Her letter was insufficient to cover up that she was all on board for unlicensed therapies being used on high school kids. I don't care that it 'worked for her' - we have professional licensing for a reason and while adults are 100% free to explore homeopathy, chiropracting, etc... that kind of stuff has no place in a public institution like a school system.

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He is running for both an at-large and a district seat, in the same election? That is allowed??

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After Charles Yancey pulled that stunt in 2013, when he lost in the race for mayor but won re-election as a councilor, some people were put out. Andrea Campbell, who beat him in 2015, in fact, convinced the rest of the council to change the city charter to limit candidates to just one municipal office in an election.

But her proposal required approval from the state legislature, which considered the idea and then let it die.

So, yes, Owens is free to try to lose two races at once this fall.

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Whomever has the most support from the high wealth movers and shakers (or should I say "shapers" ) of Boston wins. If you don't fit in this fact, then save your money. Come on, it's a fact. Money makes the world go around, the world go around, the world go around,......

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Which is why developer owned Essabi-George will be in the finals and why apartments buildings across the city are going to be have be Essabi-George signs on them, reflecting the interested of building owners, not residents.

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Is there a breakdown by candidate?

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Cappucci is a reason to be against an elected school board. No reason for our children’s schools to be politicized more than they already are. The buck stops with the Mayor on all fronts. This city doesn’t need more “ Cappucci‘s”

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