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Three busted for hotel-based drug sales

DEA agents and Boston Police arrested three men at the Allston DoubleTree Hotel Thursday as part of an effort to break up a drug ring selling meth, cocaine and fentanyl, Live Boston reports.

Daniel Lennon, 31, of Boston, now faces federal charges of distribution of five grams or more of methamphetamine and one count of distribution of 50 grams or more of methamphetamine, during a raid at the hotel that began around 7 p.m. Juan Vargas of Dorchester was arrested on state charges of trafficking in 200 or more grams of cocaine. Nelkin Lara-Arias of Dorchester was arrested on a state charge of possession of a Class A drug,

According to an affidavit by a DEA agent on the case, a drug purchaser seeking leniency on charges in another state approached the DEA about Lennon, whom the person claimed was selling 10 to 12 pounds of meth a week - as well as crack, heroin, fentanyl and pills. This person connected an undercover DEA agent with Lennon, and Lennon agreed to sell him meth, the affidavit states.

The two agreed to meet around 1 p.m. on Jan. 13 in the valet parking area of the Westin Copley Place, the affidavit continues.

Officers conducting surveillance observed LENNON near the front entrance to the Westin Copley Place Hotel, and watched him walk to the UC vehicle. LENNON entered the front passenger seat of the UC [undercover agent] vehicle. LENNON directed UC to drive out of the hotel parking area. While UC and LENNON engaged in brief small talk and UC drove a short distance, LENNON removed a clear plastic bag from his left front pocket and placed it into the front cup holder of the UC vehicle. The plastic bag contained a rock crystal-like substance. UC handed LENNON $550 in official funds. LENNON then instructed UC to pull over at the end of the parking lot, where LENNON exited the UC vehicle.

The agent then drove to another site to meet with DEA agents, who got the bag to a DEA lab, which determined it contained "28.3 grams of methamphetamine hydrochloride, with a purity of 95% +/- 6%."

On the morning of Jan. 19, the agent arranged another purchase, this time for a quarter-pound of meth at the 95 Station landing parking garage near the Wellington T stop. Around 2 p.m., the agent called Lennon and said he was parked outside the Marriott Hotel there.

LENNON stated that he would be right down. Moments later, surveillance officers observed LENNON walk out of the hotel and enter the front passenger seat of the UC vehicle. While LENNON and UC were engaging in small talk, LENNON took a clear plastic bag out of his front sweatshirt pocket and placed it into the UC vehicle’s cup holder. Inside the plastic bag were numerous crystal rocks. UC handed LENNON $2,100 in official funds. Surveillance officers observed LENNON exit the UC vehicle and walk into the hotel.

Innocent, etc.

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Thank you Based God

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Based God?

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Freebased God?

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Looks like good work

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hey, at least the stuff was pure

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You might as well wear a hat that has 'Drug Dealer' printed on the front.
Hand tats are right behind that, high IQ bunch it seems.

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"By the Grace of God Not Me"
I tell myself this often when I notice that I have been or began to pass unfair & unwarranted snap judgements on others.
Danielle is an amazing father whose kid is his whole world. The mother of his child left him after a relapse this past year. He was recently out of jail, having trouble finding work due to his record, and from what I could tell suffered from severe depression. Following the split she filed for soul custody and parental rights. He lost his partner, his home, his family, and his fucking kid that day - one slip, and everything that he had that was worth fighting for was torn away.
I'm not saying she's at fault. There is nothing wrong with knowing where your line is, and holding your ground to maintain a boundary when its crossed. Honestly, I believe that's the only way to love an addict without loosing yourself too. Its tragic, and it happens more often than you think. He had everything he spent his last bid dreaming about back, just long enough to know how much he fucked up when it was taken away.
He spiraled in a way that he became driven, disciplined, and obsessed. He climbed a ladder that most cannot manage to step onto, let alone make it to the top few rungs, in a matter of months. He worked, for better or for worse, harder and faster and with more dedication than I've ever seen in any setting - corporate, small town business, or illegal industries included.
He sent his son everything he could every week. He lived relatively minimally. He kept his word, practiced good business tactics, and always gave everyone the benefit of the doubt and a chance to prove themselves. That's what bit him in the end.
When he was caught he didn't try to flee. There was no violence. He was cooperative and he immediately took ownership of his supply to ensure nobody else had to pay for his actions or choices. He gave the police the entry code to his apartment even, said what was where and how to get to it, and did so calm and politely albeit a few tears when trying to also comfort his girlfriend and long time bedt friend whom was with him. All he asked is this she, his friends who were dog sitting, and his dog all be left alone and treated gingerly. The officers complied.
If we continue to rip people away from society, isolate them for years at a time, then throw them to the streets after years of no contact with anyone who might be able to help; then we can expect go continue seeing repeat offenders with increasing charges and sentences.
Hes a good person. He did his best to practice harm reduction. He asked for one thing, honesty. In the end it was a man whom he would have considered a friend who introduced him to his downfall. He knew him from prison and he gone out of his way to help him get back on his feet.
Jesse Armstrong from Rochester - thats someone I am unable to speak graciously about. Who is he to decide his freedom was worth more than Dan's? Who is anyone to make such a choice?
Just thought the other half of this story was worth telling, too.
Thank you.

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Was his first name John?
Oh the depths they sink to.

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