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74-room hotel proposed behind the South Boston convention center

330 C St. rendering

Rendering by Group One Partners.

City Realty of Brookline, best known for its residential projects, has filed plans with the BPDA to build a six-story, 74-room hotel at 330 C St. in South Boston.

The proposed $26.8-million hotel, which would have no on-site parking, would replace "an unutilized and aesthetically unpleasing" one-story garage:

Located in an industrial-residential transition area in South Boston, the site bridges a heavily residential area with the commercial district of the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. The site is at the intersection of C Street, which becomes residential southerly of the site,and Cypher Street,which is a commercial thoroughfare. This intersection of uses and scale allows for the architecture to reflect both the site's context and its intended use.

The building's facades are organized in a simple structured pattern derived from the neighboring residential buildings. The materials chosen are a mix of metal panel colors organized in a way to emphasize and complement the building's massing. The patterning of the joints and panel sizes is clean and organized to emphasize the detailing but to also create a very subtle and elegant pattern. Within this cadence, the design is intended to evoke a more contemporary look, one that speaks to the upscale use of the building. By both "fitting in" and "standing out", the hotel building will be another step in redefining the neighborhood as older industrial uses are gradually replaced.

The filing says the hotel needs no parking because it's within a ten-minute drive or car share/taxi ride from both Logan Airport and South Station and within "easy walking distance" to the Broadway Red Line stop. In addition to BPDA approval, the Zoning Board of Appeal would have to give its OK to waive what would otherwise be a requirement for 90 parking spaces. The hotel would also need variances for its height, density and distance from its lot lines.

330 C St. filings and calendar.


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How dot-com.

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But it’s C Street Hotel.

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Or the name of the corporation/LLC which will own the hotel. Chances are they'll operate as a franchise of one of the big multinational chains like Marriott, Hilton, Wyndham, Hyatt, Choice, etc.

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Then parking is not required.

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As of now, it's a rather grim location with no easy access to the BCC and no sidewalks Cypher St. Hopefully development will change that.

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Why is Cypher Street allowed to be in this condition?

Not only are sidewalks not provided, but there are signs banning pedestrians. Despite that, people are clearly walking there anyway, as evidenced by the dirt paths.

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