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All the usual spots shut due to heavy winds at high tide

Wave hitting Winthrop Parkway in Revere

Wave hitting Winthrop Parkway in Revere. Photo by Brian Riccio.

Morrissey Boulevard? Long Wharf? Winthrop Drive? All shut at the morning high tide as wind-whipped waves came ashore. But also Day Boulevard in South Boston.

Even the bike path along the Mystic River flooded, granted, on the harbor side of the dam, as Marion Davis shows us in a photo her husband took:

Flooding along Assembly Row in Somerville

Davis says that this was five to ten minutes after high tide, and that the on-land water receded quickly after that.

James Sanna got a look at the upswelled Mystic as he crossed the Tobin on a 111 bus:

High-water mark on the Mystic

Carty watched as the harbor rolled up onto Columbus Park (even as, of course, the tide was also closing in on the Chart House on Long Wharf):

Harbor spills onto Columbus Park

Along Fort Point Channel, the Harborwalk literally became a harbor walk, as the Fort Pointer shows us:

Fort Point Channel overspills

In Winthrop itself, a lobster buoy floated in the Elks parking lot as motorists played ride or die through the flooded roadway, IMKind reports.

Lazygal, who lives in Clipper Ship Wharf on the East Boston waterfront, reports building management urged residents who normally park in the public garage or on the street, to move their cars higher up, to the valet level, to avoid flooding, as workers tried to get the complex flood gates up.

Tomorrow, it all freezes.



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That bike path was completed this year and has already flooded... Really shows how profoundly inadequate our planning for sea level rise is.

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I could be mistaken but I think the path was a by-product of the MBTA building a sea wall to prevent flooding in their bus yard. The surface of the path is not normal asphalt - it seems to be a semi-porous material that lets water drain. It's slightly spongy (and slightly slower) to ride on.

I'm curious if that material could be used on more paths. It seems to solve some problems.

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Does Carson Beach (AKA City Point) still exist or has it been washed away? Asking for a friend who goes there in the summer.

OK, OK, really just asking for myself.

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