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Brandeis bus crash kills 1, injures 27

Crashed bus

Crashed bus. Photo by Live Boston.

WBZ reports a bus carrying Brandeis students crashed into several trees on South Street at the Waltham/Weston line last night. Authorities say the bus was bringing students back from a hockey game at Northeastern, although Brandeis itself says the bus was part of the school's regular weekend shuttle service to and from Boston and Cambridge.



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The way they have to write these articles, it sounds like the vehicles do things by themselves. The driver crashed the bus into the tree.

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Mechanical failure of some kind might have caused the bus to veer into the trees. That's why they investigate crashes, to determine the cause.

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Heart attack, stroke, epileptic seizure, etc. on the part of the driver.

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When I worked at Wellesley College and regularly commuted from Cambridge via the MIT Wellesley Exchange Bus, there was a time when the middle axle of the bus detached as we were exiting the Wellesley campus. I knew something was wrong, but it only became very apparent when smoke was coming from the wheels on the Mass. Pike. The driver kept going. I finally convinced him that there was a BIG problem when we came off the Pike.

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It’s an objective fact. The cause is conjecture at this point.

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that the stretch of South Street where the crash happened is quite straight - not really near the more curved sections of the road. My first thought was that the driver may have swerved to avoid another vehicle. I hope the driver (and others) can shed some more light on this.

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Both because they're likely to know firsthand what service that bus was part of, and because Brandeis doesn't have a hockey team.

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Some Brandeis students might have had a friend on the NU hockey team or other reason to attend, and they may have used the regularly scheduled weekend shuttle. All it takes is someone asking "why were you on the bus?" and the student answering "I went to the NU hockey game" for mixed labeling to happen.

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