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Condos could replace equipment-rental place in Dorchester Lower Mills

1169-1171 Adams St. rendering

Rendering by Spalding Tougias Architects.

A North End developer has filed plans to replace an equipment-rental place and a vacant house at 1161-1169 Adams St. in Dorchester Lower Mills with a five-story, 29-unit condo building - with 29 parking spaces.

The plans by William Caulder's 6M Development call for four units to be sold as affordable.

Caulder had originally proposed a 33-unit building.

Caulder hopes to begin 18 months of construction in early 2023 on the $15.2-million project.

1161-1169 Adams St. filings and calendar.



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You'll never catch me being opposed to anything that increases density in Boston.

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Is very high rents too. Rental prices are going to go through the roof regardless of how much they build with 30 year fixed at 5.5%+

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An early 1800's house which is a great example of the village architecture of Lower Mills from when it was a somewhat isolated location.

If this was Brookline or JP, people would be chaining themselves to the house to save it. Dot? Meh.

If someone shouts "build baby build", there is a 24,000 SF union hall with 106,000 SF (that's 2.5 acres) of parking and grass right behind here. Get on that.

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Steal the tin knockers building from them.

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The Cape house covered in vinyl siding? At 1169 Adam St?

Maybe you should ask the owner living in Milton why she's not trying to save it.

ETA: the building behind for the Union is a training center. So that educational space is probably a good thing. The Union Hall is next to this project, on Adam St.

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Would be for the City to use some of that ARPA money burning a hole in its pocket to relocate the house to a nearby park and fund its restoration into a museum that would showcase the Lower Mills area.

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If this was Brookline or JP, people would be chaining themselves to the house to save it. Dot? Meh.

Ok John, this is your chance! Take a stand! Do something other than complain on the Internet for once!

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They try to block anything.

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