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Dropkick Murphys remind us what 'antifa' is short for

The Dropkick Murphys respond to local Nazis who used their music as background for a video of their South Boston parade cosplaying:

They really hate Nazis.

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The "well ackchyually they aren't really Nazi's" point has been discussed recently.


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I'm sorry, but this is more than semantics and does not deserve to be dismissed out of hand. Isn't it time we came up with new ideas on how to combat this problem in the contemporary United States rather than defaulting to 80 year old concepts out of WW2 Germany? Nobody is saying the problem doesn't exist here and now. Or are you one of those people who calls every left of center protester you see a "hippie"? Probably you are not, but you get the point.

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It's not being dismissed out of hand. There's a link to the discussion, most people here just disagree with you. They consider themselves neo-Nazis.

And, no, I don't call every left of center protester a hippie, but the ones that wear tie-dye, take acid, and talk about the "Time of Man", I do call hippies.

These guys are neo-Nazis. That doesn't give them power. That shows that they are a pathetic off-shoot of an ideology that is not only abhorrent to the vast majority of society, but ended in an embarrassing defeat that can be reenacted any time someone chooses to take that name. I don't think calling someone a shit-stain gives them power because shit has the ability to destroy things it stains.

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The same group flying Nazi flags aren't actually Nazi's?


You haven't come with any new ideas on how to combat this problem in contemporary times, you've just been splitting hairs on how they are being labeled.

I'd refer to a hippie as a hippie, really poor point on your part.

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What we call them is not as important as getting rid of them.

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It appears these little nitwits march up and down Dot Ave, A and B Street and walk a few thousand yards to get their picture taken in front of a mural that has about to do with South Boston as I do with Bolivia. Rifenstupid.

Also, do these morons know that the IRA is, or at least was, organized along Communist cell lines, and their political wing's (Sinn Fein) current stance in both the North and Republic makes the Cambridge City Council / Brookline Town Meeting look like a rural / suburban Texas school board in terms of their political leanings?

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Unsurprisingly white people walk by without a care in the world or are dapping them up and taking pictures with them. I'm sure they then run home and say how inappropriate it was online. They'll probably try to say they're not Irish or not from Mass. But I'm sure they are.

Thats why I and any other black person I know don't attend the "mainstream" Boston events. Too many "pro-white" white people hogging up the cultural airspace.

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A large portion of the people down at the parade were twentysomethings wearings green beads, Celtics jerseys and stupid hats who likely took the Red Line to Broadway and were too drunk to notice these guys.

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In with skinny jean wearing liberal art majors.

But good on them for calling out these clowns.

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Did no one take Whitey's place; or is there symbology so obscure no one knew they were neo-nazis?

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