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Maybe there are more turkeys on Beacon Hill than we think, they've just managed to blend in

Turkey on Beacon Hill

Dr. Jessica Dello Russo reports that, at first, she thought this bird on Ridgeway Lane on Beacon Hill might be a decoy to scare off the pigeons, a modern update on those fake owls that never really work:

Really clever, as it even has camouflage effect with brown shading blending in with brick. Then it MOVED!



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Trust me. Beacon Hill has plenty of turkeys. Unfortunately, I voted for some of them.

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That's the North Slope. If the turkey had any sense at all, she'd be residing on Mt. Vernon St or Chestnut St.

FWIW I have seen turkeys on Mt. Vernon St, in front of the second Harrison Gray Otis house.

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Clever girl

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Posing like George Washington at the bow of a skiff crossing the Delaware River!

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Multimillionaire Turkey just inherited a building on Beacon hill , in the picture, the Turkey is waiting for a Rolls Royce to take him to the nearest country club .

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OK men, get in the boats.

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This is an urban turkey. Their plumage is adjusting to the environment and their flesh has developed a nasty taste or so I've been told. Never ate an urban turkey before.

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