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Newbury Street to get a whole bunch of car-free Sundays

The mayor's office announced this morning that Newbury Street will be closed to vehicles every Sunday between Aug. 21 and Sept. 25, dramatically expanding the Open Newbury Street program of years past and ending worries that the pro-car set had finally won out.

Newbury Street will be open to pedestrians and closed to motor vehicles from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. from Berkeley Street to Massachusetts Avenue on Aug. 21 and 28, and on Sept. 4, 11, 18 and 25. Parking will be restricted on Newbury Street and adjacent streets, with enforcement beginning at 5 a.m.

In a statement, Mayor Wu said:

Open Newbury Street has become a treasured tradition for Boston residents, showing how we can celebrate community in public spaces. Expanding Open Newbury to a weekly event and into the fall means returning college students and new residents will be able to join in on the fun. I want to thank BTD and our public safety officials for making this expansion a reality.

This summer, the city had announced an expansion of the Open Street concept from Newbury to three main corridors in other neighborhoods - Jamaica Plain, Roxbury and Dorchester - but the initial announcements of those one-time closures said nothing about Newbury.



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Fantastic! I have really enjoyed these Open Streets. Being able to walk in main street areas w/ out having to play Frogger w/ cars is so nice.

Apparently these have been great for businesses. Dispels the West Rox "businesses will die if you make a main streets area more friendly to pedestrians and bikes." But there is nothing of interest in WR for ppl to flock to - maybe they're just trying to save themselves from embarrassment?

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Actually, who has more local businesses Newbury or Centre Street? If you guess Back Bay, have I got news for you.

Have fun with the mayor giving you subway access to nearly all the same stores as Legacy Place and Derby Street. Oh look Urban Outfitters! The North Face! Uniqlo - Just like the one in Quincy Market! Holy Cow - There's a Brandy Melville!

Then again, most of the commentators here are suburban born and raised, so they find comfort in the big bad city terraformed into the suburban malls of their youth. Perhaps you will find the hidden Hickory Farms you have been dying to find some early fall Sunday.

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Ohhh you pegged me Costello - not. Sorry friend but I'm born and raised IN Boston and still live IN Boston.

Please wax on poetically about the local banks and how good they are for the community. I will give you that the nail salon selection in WR is fantastic. Some of the restaurants are also good...but it's a ghost town by 430pm.

Newbury street has lots of local businesses, restaurants and coffee shops. Lots of "box type" stores as well. But it's got far more interesting places to roam in and out of and excellent people watching. It's not always about the shopping but rather being able to experience what a livable city is like.

But as you wallow in your grumpy cat life the city has been doing this several communities and it's been a GREAT success for businesses and community.

I know you hate anything that isn't vanilla - maybe branch out more. Maybe take your own advice and stop acting like the city is a suburb?

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People who live in the Bay Back shouldn't enjoy no cars on a bustling retail/restaurant street because West Roxbury residents hate the idea of a walkable neighborhood?

Centre St in WR has perhaps more local businesses than Newbury St but it's almost all restaurants or stuff like vacuum cleaner repair stores. Apples and oranges*.

* before you start the usual screeching about anti-Catholic hate crimes, I am referring to the fruit.

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You mean, neighborhood places? As opposed to designer fluff sandwiches and $200 t-shirts?

Are you sad that West Roxbury doesn't have a Slugs-R-Us store so you can outfit your hate filled pathetic self?

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in a pleasant environment? Also, it's not all chain stores, as there are also Trident Books and many restaurants.

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I have to assume you think Newbury Street ends at Hereford Street. Try walking past Hereford and you'll find the stores that are unique to that neighborhood. Are the local? No but one thing they are definitely not are chain stores or big box stores. Here's a link to a map listing the stores of Newbury Street. https://www.newburystboston.com/map/

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Why not Arlington to Berkeley? Do they need to preserve all the double parking for the One Newbury valets?

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for the hotel or some other business?

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This is really exciting news! But...

1. Why stop at 8 before most of the restaurants have closed? and
2. Just do the whole weekend FFS!

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