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After one man died under a trolley at North Station, another man stole his property, police say

Wanted man

Surveillance photos via TPD.

Updated with new photos via TPD.

Transit Police report they are looking for a guy they say stole property belonging to a man who died under the wheels of a Green Line trolley early on May 30.

Not long after the victim tried kicking a moving trolley, only to fall under it around 12:15 a.m., another man spotted the gold chain and crucifix he had been wearing, now sitting on the platform, and stole it, police say.

The chain has sentimental value and is "desperately wanted back by the family," police say.

If the alleged morbid chain thief looks familiar, contact detectives at 617-222-1050.



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Could they tell us what their passenger safety program is? The BART police in San Francisco have their police officers assigned to trains and platforms and have slashed crime and made close to 300 arrests last month that's more than the MBTA police have made all year.

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Oh wait….

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There is a special place in a dung beetle’s anus sphincter for this individual sez Magoo. Magoo.

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which never uses the word "stole." Based on the Transit Police tweet I'd very easily draw the conclusion that the individual might have found the chain on the platform without knowing any of the context as to how it got there. Could you please provide the source that backs up your assertion that this really is a "morbid chain thief" who knew what he was doing? Without that, it's pretty rotten of you to throw this guy under the bus and subject him to the disgusting comments that inevitably follow.

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Wasn't sure what they meant putting "recovered" in quotes like that, so I wrote Deputy Supt. Richard Sullivan (he handles media inquiries):

Apologies for being dumb (and not for the first time), but am I assuming correctly that you're looking for the guy for stealing property from the man who died under the trolley? And from the bench, not from the man's person?

And he said, yeah, I got it right, except the chain was on the platform, not a bench (TPD also posted a short video showing him approaching a bench). I also asked what he took (which also isn't mentioned in the TPD tweet), and that's where I got the information about the chain. So I'll stand by what I wrote.

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he definitely knew he was taking something that wasn't his.

but, continue defending him.

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it's pretty rotten of you to throw this guy under the bus /blockquote>

Ooh ... Ooh ... Ooh ... I see what you did there!

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The Mad Real World guys from Chappelle who took the kid's wallet after they put him in a sleeper hold were not to be imitated, you (expletive).

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No morality or ethics there.

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I keep seeing this sh*t happening. No one gives a sh*t about anyone else, except 'what's in it for me'.

This is where we are at in 2023. And we wonder why our world and society is falling apart.

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it's not just 2023....

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With clearer photos from Transit PD.

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Much clearer. Thank you Adam. I still don't know the guy though.

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Does that shirt say Trust God?

woof - living up to those standards, eh? /s

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Go find this bastard offspring of Idris Elba and Drake.

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