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One of the people shot in gun battle near Jouvert parade was also one of the shooters, police say

Boston Police report arresting three men and a teenager for the eight-victim gun battle just feet from the Jouvert parade up Blue Hill Avenue Saturday morning - although only two of them may have done the shooting.

Two of the people arrested, including one of the possible shooters, were carrying loaded guns modified to let them fire continuously, police say.

According to police, one of the eight people shot around 7:45 a.m. on Talbot Avenue near Blue Hill Avenue, Sebastian Fernandez, 21, was also involved in the shooting, although police say they have yet to find the gun he used.

Police said surveillance video from the scene shows Fernandez and another male, possibly a 17-year-old they arrested later in the day - opening fire on each other.

Police say Fernandez was shot in the leg during the volleys and limped into a nearby tow lot "where he had a tourniquet applied to him by officers and was transported to a local hospital for treatment." He remains at the hospital under police guard.

Police say that the second shooter, wearing a black hoodie with white writing on it "fled on foot into the rear of the Boys and Girls Club towards Franklin Field and made good his escape."

However, police add, around 1:50 p.m., officers spotted somebody matching the description of that person about a mile away on Westview Street in the Franklin Field development.

Officers stopped the individual to conduct a threshold inquiry and found the 17 year old male from Dorchester to be in possession of a Polymer 80 pistol equipped with a "Glock switch" [which turns a gun into an automatic weapon]

He was initially charged with illegal possession of a firearm, but could face further charges as the investigation continues, police say.

Arrested at the scene, by officers already on patrol along the Jouvert route, were Gerald Vick and Dwayne Francis, both 30 and both from Dorchester.

Officers recovered from Vick a 9mm pistol with a large capacity magazine, equipped with a “Glock switch” that enabled the firearm to fire continuously. Francis was found to be in possession of a loaded 9mm Smith and Wesson pistol.

Both were charged will illegal possession of a firearm.

Police say five men, including Fernandez, and one woman were transported to local hospitals with gunshot wounds, none considered life-threatening. Two other people were treated at the scene for graze wounds, police say.

The shootings all happened on what turned into a bloody half-mile stretch of Blue Hill Avenue yesterday.

Innocent, etc.



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Tat 17 yr old will be held and I lead out to Commitment to DYS till 21 or face 20 yrs for Adult cause he will be 18 soon. Ironic he ran behind B&G Clubs of Boston. Why is that block such a disaster with their looming 23 million dollar presence? Where was their "Youth Connect" program for him? Where is the money for all of these Youth Violence Programs going? There are NO activities in Harrambee Park, no one is safe. There should be kids on bikes, mothers w/children relaxing, freedom, aspiration, purpose, but everyone is in suspension because of a few domestic terrorist groups. There must be street gangs, no matter what the A.G. wants you to believe. Pot is legal, so are guns the new way to earn? That child's life is undoubtedly a struggle and who will serve him? The rhetoric has a body count. So much hype so little help. So thankful no is dead, this time.

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So the term "mass shooting" is used in the news for this shit. How were the guns that caused this mass shooting obtained? Treat this terrorist act as it is. Just because it didn't happen in a single family multibedroom and 3 bathroom high cost town doesn't mean it should be forgotten about.

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