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From pasta to pot back to pasta on Hyde Park Avenue in Hyde Park

Rendering of 931 Hyde Park Avenue

Drone's eye rendering of 931 Hyde Park Ave.

The Zoning Board of Appeal today approved plans to turn the long closed Serino's pasta plant at 931 Hyde Park Ave., across from the America's Food Basket strip mall, into a new home for Gourmet Caterers, which currently does catering out of space on Washington Street in Forest Hills.

Serino's closed in 2018. Robert Susi of Dorchester, who purchased the building for $3.6 million from Serino's, quickly reached a deal with an Arizona marijuana company to turn the building, which stretches to Providence Street, into a marijuana market and factory that would churn out pot-based products, including edibles and ointments, with as many as 200 employees. But that concern never moved in.

The proposal approved today calls for production of food that doesn't require proof of age to purchase. The board had to give its OK to "change occupancy from Pasta Factory & Church to Pasta Factory & Display Area, Caterer, Office, Retail, Warehouse, Distribution, Storage, Manufacturing, Preparation & Manufacturing of Food, Bakery, Laundry, Wholesale Business, Product Development & Research."

The company's proposal calls for no changes to the exterior of the building.

The board approved the plans unanimously.

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The current Gourmet Caterers will be housing within the next 5 years.

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And the gravel/dirt dumping ground behind it should go as well.

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