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Starbucks: Harbinger of doom on the edge of Mattapan?

The Bay State Banner considers what the arrival of a Starbucks at the strip mall on River Street on the Hyde Park/Mattapan line might say about impending gentrification.



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Magoo luvs luvs luvs Magoo a small Venti Carmel macchiato wif a double shot of tai-spresso, skim milk and whipped cream, coconut oil dribbled on the cream and cinnamon powder wif a cutesy wittle clover design in the cream. Magoo.


No such thing as a small venti.

No such thing as a small venti.

It knows that. It's trying to be cute.

There's a Starbucks next to the Market Basket in Chelsea.

Let me know if a Caffe Nero or a Peet's shows up next.


I don't get this line of argument. Offering services that people evidently want is a bad thing?


There's a lot of fear in Mattapan that changes are afoot.

A while back, the apartment complex on Cummins Highway by the bridge- and yes, this predates the opening of Blue Hill Avenue Station- was renamed SoMa. Little things like that add up.

Starbucks has stopped being a harbinger of gentrification for at least a decade now. Mattapan has far too many clueless boomer pearl clutchers.


Those in the article wary of Starbucks seemed to be saying "if we make a neighborhood nicer we will not be able to afford to live here". This is a problem that can be solved by deregulating zoning so an ample supply of new residential units will moderate pricing.


I hate to say it but rents are already out of control in Hyde Park. My previous landlord wanted $100 to park in the driveway when there were lots of spaces on the street for free.