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Vietnamese restaurant in Fields Corner wins right to buy license to offer beer, wine and cordials

The Boston Licensing Board yesterday approved a request from Saigon Chicken House, 223 Adams St. in Dorchester, to buy the beer-and-wine license from a defunct South End Thai place.

The board also gave the 60-seat Saigon Chicken House permission to extend the license to include cordials.

In addition to chicken, the restaurant also serves other Vietnamese dishes, including pho and beef items.

The proposed license transfer now goes to the state Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission for its approval.



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A Dorchester restaurant buying a liquor license from a South End restaurant? I thought it only flowed in the opposite direction.


But, yeah, a bit different.

Fantastic news! This is a great little restaurant. It’s disgusting that they have to buy anything at all. If our good-for-nothing city councilors want to ever do anything, they should work on ridding struggling businesses in neighborhoods like this the shakedown that is these licenses. Not holding my breath.


These liquor licenses are controlled by the state, not the city.


It’s always someone else’s jurisdiction.

Now, if Boston's delegation on Beacon Hill made some noise as a unit, perhaps the cap could be removed. My gut says that some of the pols get donations from people who have a vested interest in selling those licenses high. But none of our members of the General Court are City Councilors.

At the same time, weren't there neighborhood licenses that were non-transferrable at one time?


That's really it:

some of the pols get donations from people who have a vested interest in selling those licenses high

The licenses would be worthless, which would piss off alot of license holders who paid a sht ton of cash for a license.

I mean switching to a better system could take as little as a few months to setup, and then a year to implement. (of course, this is after the legislature changes the law(s) . Oh well your license that you paid 100k for is now worthless, and must be renewed every X years for XX dollars.

It just makes sense. There is literally no reason why we could not do this. But those 'voters' and 'donations'.. dont wanna stop those.