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Wu names new School Committee member

Chantal Lima Barbosa

Mayor Wu announced today she's appointed Chantal Lima Barbosa to the Boston School Committee to fill out the remaining four months of the term of Lorena Lopera, who resigned earlier this year.

Barbosa, a BPS alum, is the first Cabo Verdean woman to serve on committee.

Barbosa graduated as valedictorian at Burke High school, and has a master's in higher education and administration from UMass Amherst.

She served as a Neighborhood Services liaison to Dorchester and the Cabo Verdean communities under Mayor Walsh. Earlier this year, she became a director of recruitment at Duet, a non-profit affiliated with the University of Southern New Hampshire but with a center in Boston that helps people earn a college degree.



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Neighborhood Services Liaison has to be the most irrelevant job in the City.

School starts in a little over 2 weeks. Any word on the busses, will they operate all all this year on day 1. Also what's the over under on them getting their shit together by October?

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Used to be one of the hardest/ most demanding jobs in city hall. But over the last handful of years the level is of service has drastically decreased

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Neighborhood Services Liaisons attend neighborhood civic association and other public meetings and put themselves out there to hear complaints about city services, including the schools. So you learn things.

She's now got the most irrelevant job in the city - on the unelected School Committee. it's a powerless scapegoat screening mayors from accountability.

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pass the referendum on bringing back an elected school committee?

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It was non-binding.

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Which is essentially a proprietary school for adult learners (sure, they have traditional students as well) with deplorable retention and graduation rates, effectively leaving attendees with sizable student debt and not much else...

Working under a mayor who is advocating free community college tuition.

Sounds like Jeykl and Hyde.

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This woman grew up in Boston, went to the Burke H.S. She then went to a Public University, she has a real lived experience that can contribute to problem solving, that counts. She is excellent role model and should be able to advocate for students who are immigrants, children of immigrants and of color. This is what it's about! Congratulations to her!

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