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Board approves a place to sit and nosh bagels and shmears in Roslindale

The Zoning Board of Appeal yesterday unanimously approved plans by Exodus Bagels to add sit-down seating to its bagel bakery at 2 McCraw St. off Belgrade Avenue.

Plans by owners Adam Hirsh and Priscilla Andrade show roughly a dozen tables, along with a service counter. Exodus briefly had a retail outlet at Washington and Green streets in Jamaica Plain, which closed as the pandemic struck, but currently sells bagels and shmears through a take-out window on the side of its Roslindale facility.

They needed board approval to operate a restaurant in a "neighborhood business" zone and to offer take out at that restaurant. Their hearing lasted just a bit longer than it takes to slice open a bagel and slather on some cream cheese - board members asked no questions and nobody spoke in opposition.

Next up will be obtaining a food-serving license from the Boston Licensing Board.

Currently, the closest sit-down bagel place to Roslindale is the Bruegger's outlet on VFW Parkway in West Roxbury, which recently returned some of the tables and chairs it had removed due to the pandemic.

Watch the hearing:



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They have an exceptional product baked fresh on the premises.
I just discovered them last month.

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They did put a few tables out briefly a few months ago but then removed them. They have not had tables since the pandemic.

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Although they don't have as many as they did in the Before Times.

Source: That's where I usually go to get our Sunday bagels, being too lazy to drive up to Newton Centre.

They also have this new system where you don't order from the bagel people, then pay, but instead tell the cashier what you want and then a signal goes from her register to the bagel area (they do let you walk down there but only to see if they have the bagels you want).

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