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East Boston senior ordered held in jail until at least Wednesday on charges he stabbed a neighbor

An East Boston Municipal Court judge today ordered Jackie Lee Edelstein, 84, held in the Suffolk County jail pending a dangerousness hearing on Wednesday, following his arrest on charges he stabbed a neighbor in the neck at the Brandywyne apartment complex in East Boston Friday afternoon.

Edelstein was arraigned today on formal charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and assault and battery on a person with a disability causing injury, court records show.

NBC Boston reports the woman he is charged with stabbing is deaf, that she was back home today and that she does not know why her neighbor decided to stab her with a large knife as she entered her apartment.

If a judge determines Wednesday that Edelstein is a potential threat to the public, he could be ordered held without bail for an even longer period.

Innocent, etc.

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