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Citizen complaint of the day: Granted, he's only going one way

School bus going the wrong way down Liverpool Street

A concerned citizen filed a 311 complaint about a school-bus driver headed the wrong way down the one-way section of Liverpool Street in East Boston this morning:

Please ask this driver to follow his GPS! Going the wrong way down Liverpool St at 7:15 am today!



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I've heard it as a Sven and Ole joke (well, Ole and Lena here):

Ole gets a car phone and one day he's driving home from work. It rings and he answers and it's Lena. "Ole, Ole, be careful out there: there's some maniac driving the wrong way down the freeway!"

Ole replies: "What do you mean one of them? There's hundreds!"

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I can't tell for sure; the resolution isn't high enough.

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Don't they know that you're supposed to travel in reverse when you're driving the wrong way down a one-way street? It's legal that way!

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It's a tough job that pays shit wages. Doesn't bode well for anyone with any experience hanging around for very long.

We have some great dash cam footage of a school bus van labeled NRT Bus pulling into a left turn lane and proceeding straight across into an oncoming traffic lane at a stoplight as though the double yellow line to their right didn't matter.

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…. of how to drive like a proper Bostonian.

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This happens in our neighborhood too and usually it is because some jerk parked in such a way the bus could not make it down the normal route. The buses are too big for most of our streets (even the HBs). This is likely a bus for a kid on an IEP who gets door-to-door service, otherwise they place the bus stops on major routes to avoid the side street shenanigans.

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Or it can be result of a contractor/utility company doing work that closes the street - fails to properly post a detour and/or fails to get a detail.
It happens periodically in my neighborhood. One of the neighbors takes the RIDE paratransit. There's literally one legal flow of traffic in to an area of a few blocks. Utility company/contractor closed it for their work, but crummy signage and no detail. RIDE driver faced with choice between skipping the pickup, finding a place to park and walk in to get the client, or drive the wrong way without direction (and risk losing their job if an inspector sees them doing it).

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