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Man charged with running down and killing pedestrian near Encore casino

NBC Boston reports Boston Police traveled into Chelsea Friday morning to arrest a man they say killed a pedestrian in a hit-and-run crash on a thin strip of Boston land near the Encore casino on Dec. 18.

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When the homicide was reported in December I worry it would be forgotten by the police if no one was immediately charged. Glad to hear they stayed on the case.

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It's unlikely that they'll have proof from that long ago that the driver was impaired. It will be tough to get motorist jurors to convict without that.

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Degenerates gonna degenerate. Y'all can nail his ass for something else down the line like O.J.

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A good reason that leaving the scene should carry the same penalty as DUI.

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Proving impairment only matters if you're charging him with DUI. This is a vehicular homicide and negligent operation.

Or do you think a jury, even in greater Boston, would think it's OK to murder someone with a car as long as you were sober when you did it? Even I'm not that cynical.

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You just say "oh, it was 3 AM and dark, he stepped out in the road and I didn't see him, whoops" and you're pretty likely to get off.

The impairment matters because it can be proven as an example that you at were at least doing something negligently which it makes it harder to argue that otherwise you were driving like a perfect saint and this could happen to anyone and really, wasn't it the pedestrian's fault for being there if you think about it?

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You think you’re smarter than your peers. If only all of us could be as smart as you.

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I'm smart enough to think that one should be in control of one's motor vehicle at all times, and that "I didn't see them" isn't a very good excuse for potentially injuring or killing another person. Hopefully all of my peers will catch up there.

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