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Never mind the Cape Cod Tunnel, what about the Hawaii Bridge?

Passat with a Hawaii license plate in the South End

Neal Gaffey spotted this car with a Hawaii plate on Dedham Street in the South End the other day.

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Google tells me it’s about $1,000 to ship a car from Hawaii to the US. So maybe that’s a better deal than selling your car there and buying a new one. But do they take E-ZPass?

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The length people go not to register their car in Massachusetts

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You are familiar with the term Home of Record, right?

This is very likely owned by someone on active duty in the Coast Guard or Navy.

Active duty military are exempt from having to put MA plates on their vehicles. Students, too, but most students wouldn't bother shipping their car from Hawaii.

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People recognize a ripoff when they see it, and avoid it.

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I always like to buy my VW cars from a Honda dealer.

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Or was that just the Beetle?

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... until they don't.

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That plate cover is blocking the name of the state, which would make it even more difficult for the vehicle to be identified.

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So that pretty much rules out everything south of DC and most everything between Chicago and Denver

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