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Northeastern researchers designing video games for parrots

Northeastern Global News reports Rébecca Kleinberger’s lab, which had earlier discovered parrots love videochatting with other parrots, has been designing games for tablets that parrots can play - with their beaks and tongues.

Their past research has shown that parrots - with their prodigious intelligence, high sociability and singular physical capabilities - are uniquely poised to benefit from touchscreen technology.


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AI has no idea whether its scraping human drama or parrot cages.

Could be interesting.

We welcome our new parrot overloards.

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began some time ago. One day when she was about a year and a half old, the parrot whom I have served faithfully since she was hatched, proclaimed, loudly, “I am the bird that rules the world!”. She is now approaching her thirty-first year, and repeats this claim regularly to whomever she meets. However the world, except for a few faithful acolytes like myself, has not yet recognized her dominion. Woe unto us if we continue in our blindness.

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Never too soon to prepare for the Parrot Revolution.

I, for one, welcome our new parrot overlords.

Maybe the parrots will use their time and intelligence to figure out how to feed their species.

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They come up with a Fjord Simulator for any Norwegian Blues who are stuck pining

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Of course, this can only lead to:

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Sometimes I regret leaving Boston for my attempt at higher education. I didn't meet anyone who could think 'outside the box' like this in Providence.

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