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Some Newton homes with pro-Israel signs in front have rocks thrown through windows, city says

The Newton Beacon reports.

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This is disgraceful behavior in the cradle of liberty. It's as if nobody realizes there's a correlation between the vitriolic rhetoric and these acts of violence.

Is it really a hate crime to be disgusted by genocide. The article describes it as such but it’s pretty clear people’s properties aren’t being targeted for their identity but for their decision to actively and openly support a genocide.


I mean, this is an issue where people have strong opinions, and indeed there are people of good intentions on both sides, but violence is not the answer.


Killing thousands of children is something reasonable people can disagree on but a rock through a window… unconscionable.


Go to Israel and throw a rock through Netanyahu's window. What does some American suburbanite have to do with all of this?


Stochastic terrorism.

That's the only explanation I have unless the signs were pretty damn inflammatory, and probably even then.


"Moronic", as in, "stochastic terrorism" has got to be the most moronic coinage of recent years. "Stochastic" is a word with an established meaning in engineering and scientific fields, and nowhere else. It means, roughly, "capable of being modeled as a probability density function of time". In engineering school I took a course called Stochastic Processes.

Sometimes the "of time" is dropped, or the term is used for a process best regarded as discrete, in which case a probability mass function is used, but that's about as far as the term is legitimately expanded. "Stochastic terrorism" is meaningless, and suggests that the person who coined it was trying to make a big idea out of a small one.

Now that I think of it, I can think of one expansion that I think is meaningful. In the late 1950's the Greek composer Iannis Xenakis, a polymath who was also an engineer, an architect, and a freedom fighter against both the Nazis and the British, started composing what he called stochastic music, because it was based on probability density functions. The music of Xenakis is as bizarre as anything that has ever been written, but it is also fascinating, intense, and powerful. Stochastic music was a brief but influential phase, and he went on to many other amazing things. Here is one of the best-known examples of his stochastic music:


Correction: In engineering school I didn't take the course called Stochastic Processes. I was going to, but I chickened out.


You just turned your opposition to the Israeli government into antisemitism (if it wasn't there already), setting back your cause and emboldening Israelis who want to destroy Gaza. Brilliant.