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Somerville losing a news source, but it's not as bad news as it might sound

Jason Pramas explains why he's shutting down Somerville Wire (in part because he's now working on a statewide news source), but says Somerville is no longer in danger of becoming the news desert he once thought, because the city now has a growing list of news sources, including Cambridge Day and even a newspaper from across the river, which has a "Camberville" newsletter.



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Nothing ever happens in the area south of the Neponset River until the Sagamore Bridge. It is mostly swamp land. There are no restaurants in the area, cultural events are rare, there is no theater or worthwhile areas of natural or historic interest.

The inhabitants do not appear friendly. Approach carefully, and speak loudly and slowly to assist understanding.


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BREAKING: The trees in Miles Standish State Forest got a little taller today. Also, several squirrels reportedly found acorns

Yes, it truly is an action-packed part of the state.

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