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#Stormcrew - Do you need help shoveling, or are you willing to lend a hand?

Picture of a snow covered wheelchair accessible ramp

Last year, I responded to a neighbor who asked for help shoveling her driveway and accessible ramp since she could neither physically do it herself nor afford to pay someone to do it for her. I was happy to help!

The experience reminded me that neighbors who can't physically shovel or live on fixed incomes often have no option but to wait for the snow to melt. Without help, they can’t get to work, the grocery store, the pharmacy, or doctor appointments.

Whether you need help, want to hire someone, want to lend a hand, or make a few extra bucks, you can ask for an offer of help on Nextdoor’s Help Map.

Here is how it works:

1) Sign in to Nexrdoor or install the app
2) Click on “Discover” (top left menu on desktop, bottom menu in-app) and select “Help Map”
3) See who nearby has asked for or offered help; click on pins for details and to interact
4) To get/give help, click "Ask for help"/"Offer help"
5) Add details about what needs shoveling/what you can shovel
6) Add a location: If the location needs to be corrected, use the "Search" field, then click the "Use this location" button
7) Click "Next" then "Post"
8) Keep an eye on the comments to coordinate and provide updates
9) Once shoveled, comment to let other neighbors know
10) Spread the word

To see or edit your post, visit your profile → https://nextdoor.com/profile

If you plan to charge a fee for the help you can offer or can only accept help at no cost, please state that specifically upfront.

Thank you, Adam, for permission to share this message here on Universal Hub.

Disclosure: I am an employee of Nextdoor. For media inquiries, email [email protected]

Shovel safely!





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Sign in to Nexrdoor or install the app


(Adam, this kind of advertising seems … a bit out of place here.)

That said I will gladly go out and shovel everyone's sidewalk citywide of today's "snow"

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Every person I've talked to about it has said it's a cesspit of curtain-twitchers and political ranting. I don't know why it would be so different from the other neighborhood-scoped social media I've been on (Discord, email lists) but... there's a definite reputation.

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