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Exploding manholes of doom black out parts of Medford

Might be good to avoid towns with names beginning with M today:

Channel 4 reports flames shot 20 to 30 feet in the air when manholes exploded on Main Street in Medford around 10:30 a.m. and that several thousand people are now without power.

William Fleurant tweets traffic is, as you might expect, a mess there (where 38, 16 and I-93 come together).

MBTA Police report power went out at the Malden Orange Line station, trapping one person in an elevator.



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That part of Main St. -is- where routes 38, 16, and 93 come together.

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Thanks. What I don't know about Medford could obviously fill a book.

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One elementary school is without power, but my sons' school is apparently on "emergency power" with some blustery help from Ma Nature.

I'm sure they are cursing that wind turbine as I type.

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