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Lynch: If it walks like an elephant, and talks like an elephant...

This is the mailing that has Stephen Lynch in a tizzy.
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The front illustrates how in three important votes in the US House of Representatives Stephen Lynch voted in favor of the conservative position, the position usually associated with Republicans. The conceit is that Lynch grew an elephant ear or trunk in each successive vote in the same way Pinocchio's nose grew with each successive lie. In other words, in these three key votes Stephen Lynch's voting record is indistinguishable from Republicans.

If anyone asked me, I'd have to agree.

Stephen's response was to question Mac's honor (as opposed to defending his own voting record) by claiming Mac was "distorting" "a picture of an opponent." Let's get real, nobody PhotoShopped a Hitler mustache on Lynchie's dashing mug. Instead, they reasonably compared his conservative voting record to Republicans, favorably I might add (if you're so inclined.)

NORWOOD — Incumbent U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch, D-9th, yesterday blasted his Democratic primary opponent Mac D’Alessandro for launching what he described as attack ads against him - including a mailing that showed Lynch with an elephant’s trunk and ears - an attempt, the congressmen said to paint him as an ally of Republicans in Washington. read more here

Lynch attacks D’Alessandro’s campaign tactic during Norwood forum
By Chloe Gotsis/Wicked Local Norwood
Wicked Local Norwood
Sep 10, 2010 @ 04:44 PM



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volunteers are dropping this piece off at voters' homes along with a piece of literature that highlights the Boston Globe's endorsement of Mac D'Alessandro.

MAC's competition is Stephen Lynch who got an endorsement from the Boston Herald.

Considering those two endorsements, does Lynch have a leg to stand on regarding his complaint about being framed as an elephant?

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