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Now that's a wide-screen TV

Michael Pahre relays the news that WGBH tomorrow begins testing a 30x45-foot outdoor TV screen - visible from the turnpike up to two miles away:

... Scheduled to become operational in mid-September - when WGBH formally dedicates its new studios - the 30-foot by 45-foot screen will display slowly changing images that evoke WGBH's award-winning science, history, public affairs, lifestyle, drama and children’s programming. ...

Ed. idle questions: If they pointed it upwards would it be visible from space? And how would it look on a big-ass table?

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Funny, I thought my donation to PBS went to support quality programming not distractions for Pike commuters.

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But I sure can't wait til the board starts advertising the new lives waiting for us on the Off-World Colonies.

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