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On the Blue Line, T forced to do manual switching, so riders can get to work without too much bitching

Manual switching at Airport on the Blue Line

The T reports "minor" delays on the Blue Line due to a switch problem. Kate Donaghey watched workers manually operate a switch at Airport. She adds:

Train arrived northbound, pulled up a bit, they switched the tracks and the train came back Bowdoin bound. Waited about 12mins today.

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So the real story should possibly say that due to switching problems (someplace) trains were being turned back in-town at Airport station.

Switching at Airport is always done manually by hand.

They may also have been stacked up on the Revere end so switching a train at Airport was desirable to get things back on schedule - as such.

It's not unusual for the red Line to turn a train back at Park.

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Not sure I get what was going on here - so they're running trains between Bowdoin and Airport, and then (presumably) Airport and Wonderland, back and forth, because trains can't currently get through Airport properly?

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