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Hyde Park to get fourth charter school, but only temporarily; plans still on for Roslindale site

Roxbury Prep will move its high school from Jamaica Plain into the Most Precious Blood school building on Hyde Park Avenue being vacated by Boston Prep - which is moving into a new building at the other end of Hyde Park, on the Mattapan line.

The Bulletin reports Roxbury Prep is still planning on building a much larger high school of its own on Belgrade Avenue in Roslindale, but signed a lease with the Blue Hills Collaborative, which oversees Most Precious Blood and two other Catholic parishes to give itself some more room and time to expand

Father Ron Coyne of the Blue Hills Collaborative announced the three-year deal earlier this week

We will see a lot of activity on Hyde Park Ave and Maple and Pine Streets over the next few weeks as they prepare to welcome over 300 students. Our school building is in wonderful condition and they will be very happy with their new home.

The proposed Belgrade Avenue school, which has yet to be formally filed with the BPDA, would house up to the 800 high-school students Roxbury Prep now has state permission to teach.

Academy of the Pacific Room and Boston Renaissance are the other two charter schools in the neighborhood.




This will never relocate to Roslindale!

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Interesting. Why do you think it won't be built?

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Ok. I guess we will just have condos there.

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