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Man fired into group of 15 people at Mildred Hailey Apartments, killing two, then fled to Orchard Park, DA says

Wilvin Guity, 28, of Dorchester, was ordered held without bail today at his arraignment for the murder of Chris Joyce and Clayborn Blair at the Mildred Hailey Apartments in Jamaica Plain on May 4, as they celebrated Joyce's impending graduation from Salem State College.

According to the DA's office:

Minutes before the shooting, surveillance cameras captured a white Ford Fusion arrive in the area of Chestnut Avenue and a man wearing a gray hoodie and distinctively patterned sneakers, later identified as Guity, exit the rear passenger’s side door. Guity was then captured on camera as he walked into the Mildred C. Hailey Apartments and opened fire on a group of approximately 15 people in a Centre Street park, prosecutors said. He then ran back in the direction of Chestnut Street, re-entered the white sedan, and left the area.

Ten different cameras captured the vehicle as it traveled to the Orchard Gardens housing development; five additional cameras captured Guity exit the vehicle on Degautier Way and enter a nearby liquor store. He was no longer wearing the gray hoodie but was still wearing the same patterned sneakers.

Police have said that both Joyce and Blair were innocent victims.

Both Orchard Park and Mildred Hailey have large gangs that have long been active. But according to law-enforcement affidavits filed in a 2017 roundup of Orchard Park Trailblazers and January arrests of several alleged Heath Street members, they had not been at war with each other - instead concentrating much of their violence against members of the H Block gang in the area of Roxbury just north of Franklin Park.

Innocent, etc.



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Either we have a gang problem or we don't. How prevalent are the gangs in Boston?Are they in the schools and do they ride the MBTA?

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Any group of individuals who value foolish pride and money more than life should be considered problematic. Labeling it a city problem is a bit elementary.

To answer your questions: yes, and yes, and you’ve undoubtedly held a few doors open for people you wouldn’t want in attendance at your next cookout.

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They are definitely in the schools I have been in convos where kids and adults have repeatedly stated that children are being recruited into these gangs at school I would like to know where the people that run these apts are and why aren't they tackling this gang Problem Warren Gardens was dealing with similar issues then they started working with the police and cross checked all the residents and who was suppose to be in these apts and evicted everybody that wasn't suppose to be there and anybody that were suppose to be there and were arrested or their children were arrested they were evicted or ordered to remove the people that were arrested from the property or face eviction

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As a percentage of the population they aren't prevalent. As a percentage of those involved in gun crimes - very. Upwards of 75% of shootings in Boston have some gang component to it. They are definitely in schools and they are all over the MBTA. They are also in the malls, Home Depot, Downtown Crossing and anywhere else people frequent. Not all gang members are shooters and not all gangs are involved in active feuds resulting in the gunfire. The problem arises where 2 groups who have an active feud encounter one another and guns are present. That's when you have shootouts in the theater district and other public places. Many other shootings arise when a gang that has a feud with another group sends a shooter to a rival area. They see someone they believe to be affiliated with a rival and shoot blindly.

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