Special weekend fare for commuter rail extended through early December

The MBTA announced today that a $10 weekend pass - good for unlimited travel on commuter-rail lines on a Saturday and Sunday, will be extended through Dec. 9.

The T had run the fare during the summer as a pilot to see if the fare would increase weekend ridership on the diesel-powered trains to and from North and South stations.

During the pilot, initial indications have been highly promising. Pass sales have steadily grown from the pilot’s first weekend of June 9-10 in which 3,470 passes were sold to over 8,100 passes sold during the most traveled weekend of July 28-29.

While the MBTA has received strong positive feedback from customers using the $10 weekend pass, the MBTA recognizes that, due to weekend track work that took place related to the Positive Train Control project, some customers were unable to take advantage of the weekend fare pilot when certain Commuter Rail lines were shut down on weekends this summer.

The fare is for passengers 12 and older. Adults can bring two children under 12 with them for free.


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Took advantage of the pass several times this summer and looking forward to planning more trips

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And the press release alludes to issues that affected my use of the fare.

I had worked it out- the train in from Roslindale arrived at South Station about 20 minutes before a bunch of trains left. Then Keolis decided to do work on the Needham Line. I'm not doubting the need for the work, but I'll be happier when we can mess with the trains all week-end.

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Yay! Just in time for Haunted Happenings in Salem in October!!!!!!

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