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Pedestrian badly hurt in Jamaica Plain crash

A woman was hit by a vehicle around 6 p.m. at South Huntington Avenue and Perkins Street.



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Just another day in Boston on our streets of mayhem.

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What a mess! Something's got to be done to curtail speeding on the part of automobile and other vehicular drivers.

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I’m willing to accept that the driver might be at fault, but you’ve no evidence that she was speeding.

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s/he has to be prepared for the unexpected. Pedestrians need to be protected against their own stupidity.

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Pedestrians need to be protected against their own stupidity.

Do pedestrians do stupid things? I'm a pedestrian and I do stupid things all the time, which is why as a driver I try to prepare myself for such things.

That said, much like I'm loathe to say the driver was speeding, I won't say that the pedestrian did anything stupid. I wasn't there, and I think it's a safe assumption you weren't there either. All we know is that a car hit a person. I just hope the pedestrian has a full and quick recovery.

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I, too hope that the pedestrian has a quick and full recovery. It's not wrong to say, however, that I've seen many pedestrians j-walk (walk across the street in spite of the "Don't Walk" sign being on, cross in spite of green lights and cars coming along, and
just dart out right in front of cars. That's the kind of stupidity that pedestrians, too, can and also do exhibit.

Years ago, when I was driving, and almost at the school that I was then attending. and I was going 15 miles per hour, due to being in a densely-populated area, a young woman ran across the street, right in front of my car. I quickly hit the brake pedal, heard an awful thud, and for one sickening moment, thought I'd hit her. There she was, on the other side of the street, however, safe, sound, and unharmed. After I parked and entered the school, I immediately encountered the young woman who'd darted across the street right in front of my car.

Our conversation, although brief, went like this:

Me: Hey! Do you know I almost hit you?

Young woman who darted out in front of my car (really embarrassed, and turning all colors!): I know! You can tell everybody that I'm that stupid girl that darted out into the street, right in front of your car!

Truthfully, the young woman who'd darted out right in front of my car, never did that again.

Common sense, however, seems to have really fallen by the wayside these days. What's incredible is also the number of people who ride at night, and walk at night, without even bothering to at least carry, let alone wear, something light-colored that will enable them to be seen at night. It's really crazy.

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