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Nothing quite like a good scandal to get the juices flowing

The Outraged Liberal compares the coverage of Sal DiMasi's possible imminent departure and the news that Gov. Patrick is cutting $128 million from local aid - which helps pay for police, firefighters and road repair:

... Welcome to a journalism feeding frenzy -- created by a local press corps that doesn't routinely cover the daily ins and outs of a $26-plus billion industry, prefers gossip and rumor over facts and wouldn't know context if it hit them in the face. ...

He does give props to the Globe for putting the local-aid story on the front page.



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The DiMasi thing is newsworthy -- imagine Nancy Pelosi being toppled -- it's the state equivalent of that.

But Outraged Liberal has it right. Those inside the State House pay tons of attention to the budget, groups that have a direct stake in the budget do the same, but too many of the rest of us -- including reporters -- don't pay enough attention to it.

I have a really really rotten feeling about what is to come. I remember all the concern over the severe budget crunch in 2003. It was bad then, but nothing like what's brewing up right now. And I fear that the fiscal year 2010 budget will be followed by an even worse FY2011 budget.

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