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A little parthogenesissss at the Aquarium

WGBH reports an anaconda at the New England Aquarium gave birth (yes, anacondas give birth) to 18 babies (sadly, most died) despite living its entire life in an enclosure with just three other female snakes.

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So that's what the serpent was talking to Eve about. And why Adam got so upset.

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Hey ssssssissssster. Eat the apple and ditch the rib donor.

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Pat Robertson’s head just exploded.

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I dunno about that one. You'd need to expend a lot of mental energy in a short amount of time and in a confined space to Rachel Dolezol yourself into a reptile. Might create a black hole.

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This is facts and reality and science.

Robertson has run in horror from all of them from the dawn of his time. Can't understand them so he pretends that they don't exist.

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