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The empty city: Red Line, 7 a.m.

Just one person on a Red Line car at 7 a.m. - the photographer

Jennifer O had her choice of seats on a Red Line car between Quincy Adams and Quincy Center around 7 this morning.

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Well, I guess to keep the red line and the red line trains running and now to have any breakdown, just to not have people on a train. LoL.

The MBTA should immediately began needed repairs wherever on the system it's needed and Now would be the best time and this could lease affect the traveling public is during The Quarantine.

Put them guys back to work on repairing the MBTA system ASAP.

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If you've ever seen the workers work on the trains, you'd know that the buddy system is an important safety feature. Not only that, but some operations require people to be standing near one another or be working in teams.

It isn't as simple as ordering people back to work.

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This T traveler was very lucky as an Essential Employee I only had to take the subway once 2 Saturdays ago at 6:30 am from Kendall to Harvard. I got on a car that I thought was empty and thankfully spotted the homeless woman asleep taking up several seats with all her belongings around her. I quickly walked to the other end, and when the train pulled into Central Square Station I observed two addicts high as a kite on the platform. Thankfully they were too high to get on my car or move for that matter.
Having friends that commute to and from South Station/DTX they report how scary waiting on a platform has become or getting on a subway car with multiple homeless people(some camping out). They report that the ones that are asleep are easy to avoid, but its the mentally unstable ones one that one needs to be alert for. I reported my Saturday incident after the fact and learned to report a problem I will use MBTA See Say app, which gives one the option to report via the app or call the Transit Police directly. Stay safe!

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and I've seen cars just as empty at 7AM Alewife before the pandemic hit.

Now, what it might look like at 8:30 AM ...

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It's 10am everyone is already at work my 6:30 train same line was crowded.

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Its my picture and it was at 7am.

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I feel like it would be cheaper if the MBTA just paid for everyone to take Ubers, shut down the system, and did all sorts of maintenance and construction that would normally be dragged out for ages.

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at about noon time that's when the homeless start riding the train with their
trash and their belongings
and them sleeping. other people don't even cover their faces with masks

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Would have been a perfect time to abate all the lead and asbestos in stations if the PPE was still available. Getting all that toxic stuff out makes routine maintenance and future construction a lot faster, cheaper, and easier.

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