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Indian restaurants in Dorchester and Roslindale re-open tomorrow for takeout and delivery

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Shanti says the ingredients supply-chain problems that forced it to closed a month ago have eased, so they're re-opening in Roslindale and Dorchester starting tomorrow. Pickup and delivery will be available between 1 and 8 p.m. daily.

The Cambridge restaurant, however, will remain closed.

Among the steps restaurant owner Solmon Chowdhury says he and his staff are taking to ensure everything is safe: All employees will get temperature checks before and after their shifts, will wear and frequently change gloves and will wear masks. All deliveries will be contactless and "all staff will be provided private rides so they do not have to take public transportation, so we can reduce exposure."

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Awesome! Love their food.

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But the more restaurants open the better for the public during our current crisis.
Thank you Mr. Chowdhury.

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The somosa chaat and the chicken korma are my favorites

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Shanti in Dorchester is not open as of this evening.

Very disappointed.

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