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Police say man threw lit firework at officers in East Boston park, then after being released, returned to the park and did it again

Boston Police report arresting a Saugus man they charge threw lit fireworks at officers twice in about three hours overnight.

Police say that officer responding to reports of fireworks around 9:35 p.m. on Monday at LoPresti Park on Sumner Street had fireworks thrown at their cruiser - and that the explosives hit the vehicle and exploded. As they got out, police say, Felix Martinez, 19, threw a firecracker at them. They were able to run at him, he ran, but they were able to catch up with him, put him in custody, disperse the crowd and seize unused fireworks at the scene, police say.

Around 12:15 this morning, officers had to return to the park after receiving more 911 calls about fireworks. Martinez, released from custody, was at the center of it again, and as officers walked across the basketball course towards him, he threw another lit firework toward them, police say.

Martinez ran away again, but again, officers caught up with him, this time in Maverick Square.

While performing a pat frisk, officers recovered 8 "Jumbo Silver Salute" firecrackers from the suspect’s back pants pocket.

Martinez faces charges of assault and battery on a police officer with a dangerous weapon (two counts) and possession of fireworks, police say.

Innocent, etc.




19 year old in Eastie, and we're at high unemployment, so I wouldn't deem it a breach of credulity that a) this kid doesn't have too much wealth in the first place and 2) this kid doesn't have employment income.

Perhaps he has little joy beyond the fireworks. Perhaps, on a nice summer night, he can discharge his fireworks with supervision and we can all enjoy them.

I won't let him off the hook completely, since, again, you have to be a moron to provoke cops this week, especially going right back out after being released, but for Chrissakes, we could have just not have had this be a booking in the first place.

The kid demands supervision that he's not getting, and the police are providing a service that nobody asked for, because nobody who would seek police intervention in the discharge of fireworks would be satisfied with a quick release, knowing that the kid will just go right back and do it again at an ever later hour.

If this entire exchange doesn't make it explicit to you just how (expletive) American living is in 2020, then I can't help you.

EDIT: Wow, what did I just defend? The old me would have called for his head for throwing a lit firework at somebody. Did I get smarter, or did I become a wuss?

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Yet he has disposable income to make it in Massachusetts and spend it in New Hampshire on fireworks then bring them back to piss off the people and animals who just want a good night's sleep here.

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1) I think fireworks are a poor investment, but if he didn't steal them, then okay. I assume that this was a cash transaction, so he's not shredding his credit, either.

2) I honestly don't believe that his objective in shooting off the fireworks was to piss off people and dogs. They look cool. We have a ceremony with them every year that's on national TV with a frickin' orchestra.

I'm not going to sit here and demonize the kid for wanting to discharge fireworks. It's like rec pot stores: People sit in jail for selling it 10 years ago while other people get to have a pretty storefront.

We don't learn. We want to suck on purpose. It's a strange disease.

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Roman Candle display. Most of them are M-80 types which kids throw at each other from cars, running around etc.

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I was never a fireworks expert, largely because they're also not legal in Vermont, and because I was more of a go to the ballgame and keep score kinda kid, not a blow stuff up kinda kid. We all summer differently, I guess.

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Unless the cops decided to close fist one out of spite, there's not much to worry about beyond the annoyance. Back in the 70's the amount of flash powder was regulated, and by the 80's it was hard to come by a real (old) M80 or Cherry Bombs. They will no longer will mess up the schools plumbing!

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Let him blow stuff up in Saugus ...

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Speaking of fireworks , nah forget it. I'll just give my adopted dog another sedative and vote for someone else who gives a shit.

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This is just funny.

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