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Junior's garage in Hyde Park could be replaced by apartments, coffee shop

Architect's rendering of 1318 River St. in Hyde Park

Rendering by Phase Zero Design.

The owner of the Junior's garage at River and Business streets this week filed plans to replace it with a $10-million five-story building with 32 residential units and ground-floor space for a coffee shop.

In a filing with the BPDA, Bhavya Patel of Sharon is also proposing ground-floor parking for 20 cars, as well as space for 32 bicycles for residents and 7 bicycles for visitors and 2 for coffee-shop patrons.

Four of the units will be rented or sold as affordable.

The location is across the street from the outbound side of the Hyde Park commuter-rail station and just outside Cleary Square. Patel's filing promises the new building will bring "positive energy" to the surrounding neighborhood.

1318 River St. small-project review application (18.5M PDF).


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am i reading correctly that 7/10 zoning regulations need variances?

the last page of that proposal is my favorite. which way to i need to walk down River st to gaze across the water and see the skyline?

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We need this. Most of the NIMBY Hyde Park is against it but it is needed.

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Need it??? Why? Oh, and what about parking?

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parking for 20 cars on the ground floor.

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Downtown Hyde Park has been very scummy for way too long. When Menino was mayor we had hopes that he would lead the charge to revitalize his home neighborhood, but alas nothing. In the years since he left office, Hyde Park has continued to be a cesspool. Hopefully, now that most of the rest of the city has been cleaned up, Hyde Park will be the next hot area of the city, and it will be cleaned up, and the riff-raff will be forced out once and for all! We do need to do something to ease the traffic logjams in Cleary Square - it is a hot mess!

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How does this project work out to only $312K/unit even though it includes garage parking and commercial space while the proposed allegedly affordable, basic, no-frills apartment in Grove Hall built by some nonprofit will cost over $500K/unit?

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Is it safe to assume that when all the back and forth is over, there will be 28 units and 30 parking spaces (one for each unit and two for the coffee shop)?

Man, it would be nice to have a good coffee shop on that corner.

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