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How Everett and Chelsea got screwed by the stimulus package

The Everett Independent reports.


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As you know, there are (at least) two sides to every story. I would like to hear the other side of this story. The Everett Independent might not be exactly "fair and balanced" (and I don't mean that in the Fox News sense).

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According to the story in the Globe, there are statutory rules that give more money to cities with a population over 50,000 people. Chelsea and Everett are just under that, while Revere is over 50k and made out much better. The Globe story said that Charlie Baker was looking into it and would make everyone whole.

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Any legislation that treats a city of 49,999 people materially differently than a city of 50,001 people is lazily drafted. There’s no need for that kind of sharp divide.

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Everett appears to have received an additional $3.1M on top of whatever they were provided in December.


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This is what happens when you very rapidly try to print and hand out free money the way this Congress is doing. A lot of the money will end up in the pockets of people who don't need it.

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the counterpoint is that people rapidly needed money, and putting in controls to make sure that only the "right" people get money is a.) slower and b.) more expensive. It's a lot easier to just give everyone something, then use taxation etc to take it back if it wasn't needed.

(also the last Congress did this too. Why are you letting them off the hook here?)

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...about May 2020 to March 2021?

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Yet again this pandemic is exposing the inequities baked into our existing laws and policies.

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Hard when politicians move into the “national limelight” and miss the mark on delivering to those constituents most in need.

Did staffers not know the implications of the 50,000 population cut-off on funding? I mean, Newton, REALLY? Of course.

The Relief Act targeted a lot of economic segments such as restaurants who certainly made themselves heard in Washington.

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