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YouTube channel with a schmear

Boston Bagel Reviews is exactly what it sounds like (with a few detours to exotic places like Providence and Brooklyn).

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I do wish he’d included his rationale for the scoring system, as well as the prices (some of these “artisanal” joints are charging highway robbery prices). Are any of these places using Iggys or Finagle or another source as their wholesaler or is each shop making their own from scratch? Same question for the plain cream cheese, made in house? Thanks!

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Can someone just check through the videos for the scores?

Bagelsaurus 9.2
Dirty Water 8.8

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It costs a lot more to pay an actual human being to come in and hand make bagels at 2 am than it does to have large scale automated machinery crank out bagels 24-7.

It’s totally fine that you don’t want to pay $3 for a bagel. You can absolutely get grocery store bagels at $0.50 per bagel. BUT if you actually want small-batch hand-made bagels made on-site that day, expect to pay.

Everyone’s values are different and it’s totally OK if you don’t want that product—that’s how markets work—but no one is ripping anyone off in the local artisanal bagel game. These people are working long days 6-7 days a week to make their business a reality while still driving old-ass cars and living in modest apartments. Again, you may not want the product offered at the price quoted, but my point is no one is getting rich of $3 bagels; it’s a fair price given how much labor and overhead goes into such a product.

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Happened upon Life's a Bagel in Canton recently. That place is something of a sleeper, IMO.

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