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Man with decades-long violent record returns to his old Hyde Park haunts and is arrested on charges he menaced two men with a gun

Recovered gun

The gun in question.

Boston Police report arresting Dijuan Jackson, 46, of Dorchester, Saturday night after he allegedly threatened two men with a gun on Lewiston Street at Ellard Road, near Ross Playground in Hyde Park.

Police say they were able to find Jackson - and the gun he ditched a few doors down - not long after.

Among other charges, Jackson now faces charges of unlawful possession of a firearm, fifth offense, assault by means of a dangerous weapon and being a Level 3 armed-career criminal, which could mean a long sentence if convicted on the other counts.

Court records show Jackson has a record dating to his teens, including manslaughter at age 14.

His arrest on Lewiston Street around 9 p.m. represents something of a homecoming for Jackson, who grew up in the Wood Avenue area.

In 1999, then 24, Jackson was charged with fatally shooting a childhood friend, Shaun Tilghman, in the chest, on Greenfield Road in Mattapan, after Tilghman had bought some cigarettes at a nearby liquor store.

In 2001, a Suffolk Superior Court jury found Jackson not guilty on the murder charge, but convicted him on charges of illegal gun possession and of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon - not for killing Tilghman, but for smashing somebody else in the face with a gun, knocking out five of his teeth and chipping four more, in the moments after Tilghman's murder.

Jackson was sentenced to roughly 15 years - the maximum allowed under state law and more than the prosecution asked for. The judge in his case said:

This gentleman, in my view, is an extremely dangerous man. You say that I've seen many more dangerous. Perhaps. I don't really keep track, but this man ranks right up there in terms of his record. He is a persistent violent offender, a deadly offender from the age of fourteen, numerous convictions of serious violence, starting with a manslaughter at age fourteen, numerous weapons convictions.

In this case, he treated the victim with particular cruelty. There is no reason to believe that O'Bannon [the man he beat in the face], whatever his record happened to have been, was anything but an innocent bystander in this. He knocked five front teeth out with a pistol. There is no explanation, no indication of any remorse, no context. He just knocked his teeth out. That, in my opinion, is treatment of a person with particular cruelty and warrants, in my opinion, a departure from the guidelines. This gentleman deserves to be incarcerated for as long a period of time as I can possibly commit him to. In my view, the government recommendation is lenient. This gentleman deserves the most severe penalty for what he did.

Jackson appealed his verdict and sentence all the way to the US Supreme Court, but he lost all of his appeals.

Innocent, etc.



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From 14 to 46 and nothing's changed,? Lock him up

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Maybe nothing changed *because* he was locked up

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Like a halfway normal person? I guess that could be a reason, I lblame the individual for their own actions.

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I am sure there were lots of contributions to his life that lead him to the point we see him today. The problem is at some point, and we are way past that point with him now, your actions to these issues add up and begin to create new trauma for new people.

It is like an abuse victim going on to abuse others. While I feel terrible for the younger version of that person the fact of the matter is the abuse they are now inflicting on others could have a ramping up affect. Where his abuse begets more abuse which begets more abuse. Made worse by the fact that nobody ever puts a stop to the abuse.

If we live in a world where someone could spend 30 years killing people and still have the balls to pull guns out on others why should I follow the rules. Especially if I live adjacent to his universe. That 14 year old most likely got into this stuff because he learned that it was a way to get what you wanted or was just the way you acted. That is horrible and I am sure the system itself did damage but what of the current 14 year olds who did not kill anyone yet? What of his 14 year old neighbor at the time who went on to be a lawyer? What of the other 14 year old neighbor who also had troubles but is now leading a mundane life as a store manager or clerk or gas station attendant. Even those who commit the petty crimes and deal drugs. There is a lot of room for forgiveness but come on man, we got to put our foot down on someone who kills, kills, maims and pulls guns out on people.

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Last sentence should be the first. The Judge got it right. Rehabilitation in prison may be as likely as an obese person starting a successful diet having a job in a candy store. The community can't wait for the system to evolve. The community needs to be protected by removing the threat.

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Manslaughter @ 14?

That was probably the time to seek better methods to rehabilitate him and diverge from the path he has been on. Sounds like the kinda person you want to catch early, though I doubt society was ready to do that for him back then, regardless.

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I was expecting more jokes for his prohibition era 6 shooter here

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A bullet is a bullet, they'll kill you all the same.

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