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No floating condos for Navy Yard pier

The Charlestown Patriot-Bridge reports the BPDA has dismissed three proposals by developers for building housing at the Charlestown Navy Yard's rotting Pier 5 - one of which called for dealing with rising sea levels by building the units as floating pods.

The agency, which owns the pier, had solicited proposals for what to do with it; a residents group has called for it to be replaced with a park.


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There’s an enormous park RIGHT BEHIND THE FUCKING TOWER NEXT TO THIS. FUCKING CHRIST I’m so sick of these NIMBYs. I’m sure the locals were scared if their harbor view getting slightly modified with other residences (gasp) or the iNsUfFiCiEnT pArKiNg for everyone who owns a god dammed SUV in the city for who the fuck knows why…

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We need more housing, but maybe not on a pier sticking out into the harbor? Anything put there needs to be able to tolerate flooding in the future.

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The units were floating like Dutch house boats. It was a very robust plan.

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They rise as sea level rises, sure, They would ride out a mild to moderate surge if it built slowly enough.

Such structures are not resistant to massive waves that often accompany such surges. They will work well with a levee failure, but not repeated slamming. This makes sense on the Charles, which has a dam as a first line of defense. It would also work on the Mystic.

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What a joke. There are enough spaces in that area that downtown landlords that own tower blocks lease out the parking and rent it to their tenants.

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The harbor and the waterfront are precious, finite resources; they're part of what give Boston a character different from, say, Indianapolis or Kansas City. Yes, we need more housing, but there's plenty of space to expand inland instead of taking away the public's access to the waterfront to build luxury housing.

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Let me guess, you already live on the waterfront?

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imho lede buried, story here is the amount of engineering innovation in that proposal no matter where they they show up

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The idea of floating condos for the Navy Yard pier (or anywhere, for that matter) sounds like a really risky idea. If there was ever a Katrina-type episode here, where the Mystic River, or any other river, broke its banks, there would be a loss of a lot of housing and it would create one hell of a mess, and be especially dangerous for the people who resided in those floating condos,

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So the great levees of Medford are going to burst?

This is the same logic that people apply here to other cities "Look Amsterdam has electric monorails - We should have electric monorails too". Just because something is in another city, doesn't mean it belongs here or will happen here.

Katrina was a river event which flooded an area which is always below sea level.

If the Mystic "breaks its banks" is is an ocean level event. A tidal event. Chucktown is above sea level.

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