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Mattapan man charged with selling drugs - while behind bars awaiting trial on gun charges

A Mattapan man was arraigned yesterday on charges of cocaine trafficking and disturbing a correctional institution after he was allegedly caught with more than 18 grams of the white powder - some found "on his person" during a strip search - the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Woldson Noel, who at 22 already has 40 arrests on his record, was in the Suffolk County Jail awaiting trial on gun-possession charge last June when jail officers monitoring phone calls heard him tell somebody he "still had 'stuff' on him that was missed during searches" and that he was making "four times the money" while behind bars.

As a result of the information, jail officials conducted a search of Noel’s cell and found a white powdery substance inside a piece of paper. Officials also found a large white package inside Noel’s property bag, which was under his bunk.

After officials found the items in Noel’s cell, they transferred him to the medical unit to conduct a strip search. During the transferal Noel threatened guards and created a disturbance. As a result, he was placed in restraints. Officials found additional substances on Noel’s person during the strip search.

Noel was arraigned yesterday in Boston Municipal Court via Zoom from the Berkshire County Jail, where he was transferred following his arrest for Suffolk jail dealing, the DA's office reports.

Innocent, etc.

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Apparently always in exactly the wrong place at exactly the right time.

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Is there vocational training using cryptocurrency?

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Read the article.

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Got a link to that @anon the 22nd? There is no link in the post.
About 22nd; That's a just an estimate for this year. I know I'm probably way, way off.

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