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Turkey nearly knocks the stuffing out of Dedham woman

WBZ reports, doesn't say if the attack was near the line with Hyde Park, where residents have learned to deal with bloodthirsty terror turkeys, one of which went after a WBZ reporter.

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Back by popular demand Magoo. Is. Back. And. Better. Than. Before. Period. Full. Stop. Magoo has done much Magoo-sole searching and has come to realize that Magoo is Magoo and Magoo has to be Magoo and do what Magoo will do. All those in favor say Magoo. Magoo.

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So the TLF got pushed back into the suburbs hmmm. I guess the Coyote Underground had a positive affect on Boston proper after all.

The best thing about the Coyote Underground is that they tend to stay out of sight and out of mind except for the outliers like the South Boston Coyote and the lone wolf that was hanging out on Blue Hill Avenue for no apparent reason.

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That's a good one!

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