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The T has a problem with falling pieces of metal

Last month, it was a falling strip of metal from an Orange Line car that sparked explosions and a fire. Yesterday, it was a piece of metal that fall on a Blue Line train entering Suffolk Downs that caused sparks and halted service, WFXT reports.

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Did the metal piece fall from there?

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Local bookies introduce a new bet: on a given day, will there be more individual pieces of metal falling on T vehicles, or falling off T vehicles?

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Things are going to fall from the T, or it will catch fire.

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if things don't fall from the T, it will still catch fire.

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Other than the Mattapan portion of the Red Line I think the Blue Line has the oldest trolleys still in service: Well usually in service anyway.

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There are no trolleys on the blue line. The Blue Line is heavy rail, and runs heavy rail cars.

And until the new Orange Line trains began running, it had the newest cars on the system.

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In at least a decade. The Blue Line cars are all under 15 years old, which is practically new for the T.

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