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Seaport to get late-night dosa Indian food

The Boston Licensing Board today approved a plan by a dosa place on Boston Wharf Road to start selling crepe-like dosas as late as 2 a.m. every night.

Babu Koganti, owner of Madras Dosa, 55 Boston Wharf Rd., had asked permission to stay open until 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday, but the board said it wanted to see how 2 a.m. works for six months, after which they said Koganti could come back to seek the later weekend closing time, assuming nothing apocalyptic happens once dosas are unleashed well past midnight.

Board Chairwoman Kathleen Joyce acknowledged that City Councilors Ed Flynn and Michael Flaherty were aghast at the idea of somebody seeking to get takeout at such a late time, even if the Seaport was initially proposed as a neighborhood open at all hours for hard-charging 21st-century world changers, but she said she was swayed by the fact that no actual Seaport residents voice any opposition to Koganti's proposal, in a neighborhood that already has several bars open until 2 a.m.



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"[Joyce] was swayed by the fact that no actual Seaport residents voice any opposition to Koganti's proposal"

Which raises a question for me: why did Flaherty and Flynn assume that their opinions should have any weight in the first place? Who, in short, asked them? Why do they think they know what's best for us?

Actually, I guess it raises three questions. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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Although neither Flynn nor Flaherty live in the Seaport, both do live in South Boston, which still considers the Seaport part of the neighborhood.

Flynn is also the district councilor for the Seaport, so that gives him a reason to speak about the proposal (and if you look at yesterday's story, his aide cited "concerns" from neighbors, even if none of them called into the meeting, which started at 10 a.m., a time when a lot of people might be at work).

And Flaherty is an at-large councilor, which means he's supposed to care about all Boston neighborhoods.

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Could focus their eyes on security for the South Boston 7-11 in general and more notably, why the f@ck an 11 yo was out at 4 a.m. smashing his way toward vape glory?

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Have never been shy about expressing their own terrible opinion as fact and making the rest of the city deal with it. I remember attending a new apartment construction meeting where the builder said they hired a pest control company to come once a week - Flynn immediately rebutted that that wasn’t enough and daily is needed. I wanted to blurt out “what the heck do you know about commercial pest control” but held my tongue, the builder agreed, and Boston was saved from the inevitable rodent invasion.

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Some kind of slippery slope? If there's late-night Indian in the Seaport it might bleed into Southie?

What's next? 85th Street? Wall Street? Mexico? 84th Street?

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in Southie in general. Cafe Mamtaz in City Point had a nice run with Northern Indian (and Pakistani and Bengali) cuisine from 2010 till covid killed it last year.

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I hope when the next crepe restaurant opens, we get a reference to "dosa-like crepes".

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At the hearing, he also compared dosas to burritos, so I suppose we could get Crepe-like dosa-ish burritos.

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I would eat the hell out of a dosa-crepe-burrito.

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Is there any culture in the world that doesn’t wrap food in pancakes in some way or other?

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Be prepared for loud music, idlying cars, double parking, noise including yelling, beeping every few seconds when people lock their cars and an increase in trash and late night garbage pickups. Just because the neighbors did not oppose the hours, doesn't mean they were aware of the meeting and the plan to extend the hours. In the Southend, a business got their hours extended because they weren't complying with the 12 am closure. Neighbors weren't made aware of the licensing meeting and somehow they got their hours extended until 3 am. They still don't abide by the rules and frequently stay open until 3:30 or 4 am. Good luck! Once the hours are extended, there's no going back!

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