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Police advise: Lawyers don't ask for you to put several thousand dollars in cash in a box and then hand it over to a courier at a nearby post office

Boston Police report a Boston senior citizen in District D-4 (Back Bay, South End, Fenway) was scammed out of $9,500 on Friday by some guy who called him claiming to be a lawyer representing his nephew, who was allegedly in a car crash in Providence and needed the money immediately for bail:

The victim was instructed by the suspect to withdraw money from a bank and go to the Post Office, put the money in a box from the Post Office, and someone would come collect the money from him. The victim stated that an unknown black male in a white motor vehicle arrived at his address and took the box containing the U.S. Currency. /blockquote>

Police say if you get a call like this, hang up and call police to report it.



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Banks should be required to alert the police whenever someone who’s elderly or suffering from dementia attempts to withdraw a large sum of cash.

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I can think of one plausible exception, but as far as I know Mr. Goodman is only licensed to practice law in New Mexico.

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Trump's lawyers.

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Well obviously if you're doing business with Trump you need to get paid cash up front.

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