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Citizen complaint of the day: That's it, Christmas is over, people

Tree out for disposal this morning

A concerned citizen or, perhaps, a Public Works employee out and about, based on the way the 311 report is written, noted at 6:28 this morning that somebody has already de-trimmed their Christmas tree and put it out for disposal at Beckler Avenue and K Street in South Boston.

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If you live in a multi-story building, do your neighbors and your building maintenance man a big favor by putting a big contractor-sized plastic bag over your tree before dragging it all the way down the stairs. It prevents those pesky needles from ending up all through the stairway and other common areas of the building. It only takes a little extra effort, and it is so much cleaner for everyone. Happy Holidays, everyone.

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Bedsheet or dropcloth will work just as well (tried plastic bag a few times - always tore)

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Starts next week and the following.

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If you want it recycled, then yes, tree recycling pickup starts Jan 10th. a) which is WAY too late in my mind. (my tree with out this morning as well - dried out too fast). and b) even when I put it out on tree recycling days, there is a 505/50 chance the trash guys will pick it up anyways.

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It is wrapped in wire. I think it is an unsold or unused tree.

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